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    Warm thanks to the architect Monica Maschio, curator of the exhibition of the painter Argentino Stocco, for having thought about STL as a guest of one of the 3 evenings in May dedicated to beauty.

    The exhibition is open to the public free of charge, from May 4 to June 2, 2024 at La 5essenza di Bassano del Grappa (VI).

    Argentino Stocco has dedicated his whole life to painting, transforming and growing together with his art. On a visual level his art appears abstract and with bright and vibrant shades. Through it the artist expresses all his emotions and what he gives us is a vibrant art full of meaning.

    Lucia and Marco Cuman, CEO of STL Design&Tecnology, will be the protagonists of the evening entitled “Beauty in the workplace: art, technology and design respecting nature”.

    They will tell you about the importance of beauty in working environments and obviously about Erbi “the chair to taste” by Stilfibra. The chairs, which are the perfect union between comfortable design and respect for the environment that surrounds us, will become the protagonists of the evening during this exhibition, thanks to a surprise that the painter himself will give us. If you are curious to know how Stilfibra came to life, and even more so you want to know how it was possible to use plant fibers to create an office chair, which has always been an object made of plastic, you can’t miss this evening!     

    We hope many of you will keep us company!