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    Stilfibra® will officially be in Germany at the
    Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt from 26 to 30 January 2024.

    This is the trade fair dedicated to home furnishings and accessories, of absolute importance
    for operators in the sector in Europe and beyond.
    Only a few days left and STL Benefit will be exhibiting Stilfibra’s flagship
    product: Erbi, the scented designer chair, made from 100% Italian controlled recycled
    materials and vegetable fibre that retains its original scent.
    We are also proud to announce that Stilfibra has been recognised as part of  Ethical Style
    Ambiente 2024/25 ‘s list of exhibitors offering environmentally friendly and socially
    responsible products.

    Save the date!
    26 – 30 January 2024
    HALL 3.1 – STAND J90
    Italian Area – Booth n. 16

    Stilfibra® materials: Erbi’s fragrant biocomposites.

    Erbi is the first chair made from a blend of post-industrial regenerated PP and vegetable fibre. 
    Here is what the shells of the 4 models are made of:
    Erbi Chami: PP + chamomile fibre, waste from tea and herbal tea production;

    Erbi Wini: PP + pomace fibre, distillery waste;
    Erbi Miski: PP + miscanthus fibre, agricultural bio-mass processing waste;
    Erbi Moka: PP + coffee-parchment fibre, production waste from roasting companies.   
    The fibres have a CO2 absorption capacity of 40 to 50% and retain their original fragrance
    during moulding: this is why Erbi smells naturally.
    All materials come from a 100% Italian controlled recycling supply chain and are in turn
    recyclable and reusable with the same performance.
    Stilfibra® is a project of full application of the upcycling concept.

    Stilfibra loves Naples!

    Erbi again in Naples: after its appearance in October in the most beautiful gardens of the partenopean capital on the occasion of the AIAPP convention ‘Lost Landscapes’ that hosted the IFLA Europe Assembly, Erbi enlivened with its colours and scents also the pre-Christmas convivial meeting AperiPino of Studio 0618 in Agnano.
    Our thanks to the Studio and to Rosario Rispoli of Arkelux for this wonderful opportunity.