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    Stilfibra® will officially be at the FuoriSalone 2024 to attend the “Olivetti: Storie da una collezione” exhibition from 13 Aprile to 2 June 2024

    We will be proudly present with our “Erbi: chair to taste” by STILFIBRA and some Olivetti typewriters, that will be at your disposal to have a fun experience.

    A chair to taste

    The Manifesto

    STL Srl Benefit presents: STILFIBRA®. A design chair made with sustainable materials: vegetable fibre and recycled plastic from a 100% Made in Italy controlled supply chain

    Less plastic, more vegetable fibre

    The material used to make Erbi, Stilfibra’s first ecological chair, has a formulation designed to combine vegetable waste fibre with post-industrial recycled plastic polymer. The vegetable fibre comes from a 100% Italian controlled supply chain.

    A chair for every taste

    Erbi is proposed in 4 tastes. Each taste corresponds to a colour and the natural scent of the vegetable fibre used in the shell.

    A project for the Common Good

    At STL SRL Benefit we believe that Wellbeing should not only be economic, but also ethical, aesthetic, social and environmental.

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    A chair to  taste

    Stilfibra is a product owned by STL Srl Benefit, founded in 1966 in Marostica
    (Vicenza, Italy) that offers integrated furniture and technology solutions.

    We create environments suitable for living and working in the pursuit of beauty and well-being.

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