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    The Manifesto

    Stilfibra® is a sustainable furniture brand created by STL Srl Benefit Corporation. Composed of waste vegetable fiber and recycled materials from a controlled supply chain, Stilfibra aims to reduce the production of plastic and the impact on our ecosystem. The use of pre-existing moulds makes the production cycle even less impactful. The charm of the Italian Style is enhanced with a circular product, with great ergonomic and mechanical performance.

    The Manifesto: why choose an eco-friendly and design furniture

    The times we live in require us to responsibly recover, reuse and restore the goods we already have, not least to secure the most valuable asset for our future generations: the health of our planet.

    Stilfibra is a piece of furniture that pursues a sustainable design philosophy. The material Stilfibra® is made of (a mixture of plant waste and recycled PP plastic) not only reduces the production of plastic (and so CO2), but also provides excellent mechanical performances and durability, combined with the aesthetics of a timeless design.

    Erbi, the firstborn of Stilfibra®

    Erbi was born out of the realisation that the world of office chairs is largely made of plastic. We wondered whether it might not be not possible to embark on other, more environmentally responsible paths, for example by replacing some of that plastic with something else organic.

    From there came the desire to break new ground and get to a “kalos kai agathos”, product , something beautiful and good at the same time, as our wise Greek ancestors used to say.

    Waste becomes a resource, the scented chair in plant fibre is born

    Waste becomes a resource, the scented chair in plant fibre is born

    Using vegetable waste gives new life to waste

    Reducing the amount of waste

    Reducing the amount of waste