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    15 % Miscanthus

    Miscanthus fibre and essence

    Miscanthus is a perennial plant whose ecological virtues include an extraordinary ability to absorb carbon dioxide, which is four times the norm. So far, its main use has been in the field of biomass and fuels. Stilfibra® wants to give this plant with great sustainability potential
    an alternative use in its products.

    Miscanthus is recovered and sterilised, processed into microgranules and sanitised, to make our Erbi Miski! 

    Thanks to sanitisation and activation, the fibre is free of heavy metals and bacteria.
    The beneficial characteristics are manifold: good tensile strength, high impact resistan- ce, excellent flexural strength.

    Erbi Miski

    Miscanthus has an exceptional capacity to absorb CO2 . Thanks to the process that preserves the qualities of the organic fibre, this CO2 (called biogenic CO2) remains trapped in the material, thus reducing the amount of carbon of fossil origin contained in traditional plastics.