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    Stilfibra at Macrolibrarsi

    MacroLibrarsi Fest 2023
    23-24 September, Cesena Exhibition Centre

    STL Srl Società Benefit Society lands at… Macrolibrarsi Fest 2023

    A 2-day event promoting the wellbeing of Body, Mind and Soul in a festive atmosphere
    sensitive to environmental issues.

    You will be able to see (hear and… smell) Stilfibra®, the new project created by STL Srl Società Benefit Society, a chair made from vegetable fibres and recycled materials from a 100% Made in Italy controlled
    supply chain. We enthusiastically chose this event because MacroLibrarsi also adheres to
    the Economy of the Common Good project, a new economic model based on the
    achievement of objectives that promote the values of trust, cooperation, solidarity and

    Stop by and listen to Stilfibra: admission is free. More than 200 stands, workshops,
    conferences, street food … and much more will be waiting for you!

    Cesena Fair,

    Piazzale Ezio Vanoni, 47522 Cesena FC, Italy 

    Want to know more? Click here: https://live.macrolibrarsi.it/