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    Finding harmony in the complexity of life

    To all the Friends, Customers and Collaborators of STL and Stilfibra We are approaching the end of this year which has been full of new challenges and opportunities for us! This holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on balance, not as synonymous with static, but as the result of complex interactions, which lead to a state of harmony. “Life is like a bicycle. You have to move forward so as not to lose your balance.” Albert Einstein

    Never before have we felt the need to remember that themes such as respect and peace are not volatile concepts, but the result of the balance between individual and collective forces, which we all have the responsibility to watch over, every day.

    Art as a language that conveys values

    The installation of our STL Christmas window display, inspired by a delicate suspended balance

    Beauty in Balance: the STL Christmas display created by Federico Donadello

    It is for you? What does it mean to live in Balance?

    For us at STL the balance is to offer heterogeneous but complementary solutions, in order to guarantee an integrated and complete offer of products and services.

    Discover them with us!

    Liberamenti Festival The 2023 edition on Balance

    “Art is a universal, free, inclusive language, capable of conveying important social and humanitarian messages.”

    We collect the words of Daniela Belfatto, artistic director of the Liberamenti festival, which this year had as its theme that of Balance, expressed in three aspects: personal balance, in the couple’s relationship, in the community

    Some moments from “The force of balance: Beauty and equality in Adriano Olivetti’s business model”, the meeting organized by the Elle22 association on the occasion of the Liberamenti festival.
    Speakers:  Lucia Cuman, Michele Dorigatti, Cristina Barbiani and Federica Lago.

    We hope you find beauty and balance in everyday life, living it to the full.

    The STL team thanks you for your support and constant opportunities for shared growth. Merry X-Mas also from Stilfibra, the new addition to STL

    We also remind you that STL will remain operational for the entire month of December, excluding holidays! THE ASSISTANCE REQUEST SERVICE WILL REMAIN GUARANTEED! Simply connect to the STL site, click on the “Request for intervention” icon, located at the top right and fill out the form.