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    Domus Web, in an article published on their website and in one of their Instagram posts, mentioned the exhibition “Olivetti: stories from a collection”, held at Palazzo Arese Borromeo in Cesano Maderno (MB), as one of the unmissable events of FuoriSalone 2024.
    Stilfibra takes part in this exhibition by exhibiting its Erbi “chairs to be enjoyed”, which Domus Web has chosen as a representative element of the event to be reported on its Instagram page, in a wonderful shot, which we report above.
    We are very proud of this and thank Domus Web for this recognition.
    The exhibition can be visited for free until 2 June 2024 at Palazzo Arese Borromeo in Cesano Maderno (MB)

    The set-up of the exhibition, curated by M.ia.studio and Giorgio Cedolin, has been able to create the perfect setting to enhance the advertising documents that tell the story of Olivetti’s communication  and for the typewriters made available to the public in the experiential room by Elle22 – L’impresa della bellezza.

    STILFIBRA has exhibited in this room its e Erbi chairs that with their scent stimulated all five sensory spheres of the visitors, who became typists for the occasion. A perfect balance has been found to highlight the beauty of Palazzo Arese Borromeo while respecting its historicity and the material on display.

    The exhibition “Olivetti: stories from a collection” is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Olivetti and to discover the power of communication. It’s a fascinating journey through the history of technology through art in Italian industry. Adriano Olivetti said: “Things must be done well and communicated”

    We strongly invite you to visit the exhibition as suggested by “Domus Web” in its latest post from which you can find  some highlights below:

    We sincerely thank all those who have made all of this possible! In particular we’d like to thank the Municipal Administration of Cesano Maderno, which strongly wanted this exhibition inspired from the masterpiece published by Ronzani Editore. We would also like to thank In.Circle.It for the extraordinary press review that promotes and makes this extraordinary event known.

    To all of you, we wish you a pleasant reading and invite you to actively participate in the discovery of the exhibition “Olivetti: stories from a collection” which will be open until June 4, 2024


    «We must do things well and make it known» (Adriano Olivetti)

    On May 24, 2024, an evening entitled “Beauty in the workplace: art, technology and eco-design in respect of nature and people” will be held at  “La 5essenza” in Bassano del Grappa.

    The curators of the evening will be Lucia and Marco Cuman, CEO of STL design&technology and creator of STILFIBRA.

    We’ll be waiting for you to share many ideas and emotions together!

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