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    10 % Chamomile

    Chamomile fibre and essence

    It all starts at the Italian sites of chamomile producers, who cultivate and process it to extract various types of products, from infusions to essential oils for cosmetics. From these processes comes a fragrant waste component that can no longer be used by the producers themselves.

    But what happens to chamomile to become our Erbi Chami?

    Chamomile is recovered and sterilised, processed into microgranules and sanitised. The fibre, thanks to sanitisation and activation, is free of heavy metals and bacteria.
    The beneficial characteristics are many: persistent fragrance, unique aesthetic appearan- ce, maintenance of mechanical and technical performance.

    Erbi Chami

    To make Erbi Chami, Stilfibra® has chosen a chamomile-filled regenerated PP, which makes it possible to reduce the plastic component, resulting in a more natural and fragrant material with excellent performan- ce, offering a user experience reminiscent of nature.