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    20 % Coffee

    Coffee parchment fibre and essence

    It all starts in African and South American coffee plantations, where coffee is grown and then processed by local Italian producers. The coffee beans are extracted from the fruit and separated from their protective membrane, the parchment, which becomes a waste product of this process.

    But what happens to the parchment to become our Erbi Moka?

    The parchment is recovered and sterilised, turned into microgranules and sanitised. Thanks to sanitisation and activation, the fibre is free of heavy metals and bacteria.
    The beneficial characteristics are many: antimicrobial properties, remarkable mechanical resistance, excellent hydrophobia, high antioxidant properties, characteristic scent.

    Erbi Moka

    Coffee parchment has a plant carbon content of 45.8 per cent. Thanks to the process that preserves the qualities of the organic fibre, this CO2 (called biogenic CO2) remains trapped in the material, thus reducing the amount of fossil carbon contained in traditional plastics.