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    15 % Pomace

    Grape pomace fibre and essence

    It all starts in the distilleries and wineries of Veneto, the first region in Italy for quantity of wine produced with 12 million hectolitres of wine per year. The harvest from the vines is transformed into wine by processes that produce waste.

    But what happens to the pomace to become our Erbi Wini?

    The waste is recovered and sterilised, processed into microgranules and sanitised. Thanks to sanitisation and activation, the fibre is free of heavy metals and bacteria. The beneficial characteristics are many: good impact resistance, good heat resistance, excellent flexural strength, natural appearance and unmistakable scent.

    Erbi Wini

    Grape pomace has a plant carbon content of 50 per cent. Thanks to the process that preserves the qualities of the organic fibre, this CO2 (called biogenic CO2) remains trapped in the material, thus reducing the amount of fossil carbon contained in traditional plastics.